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lynch v : kill without legal sanction; "The blood-thirsty mob lynched the alleged killer of the child"

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First attested 1835, from Lynch law that appeared in 1811, which was named after William Lynch.



  1. To execute without a proper legal trial.
  2. To commit an act of violence by a mob upon the body of another person.


  • Croatian: linčovati
  • Finnish: lynkata
  • French: lyncher
  • Spanish: linchar

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and quarter, annihilate, bereave of life, carry away, carry off, chloroform, cut down, cut off, deprive of life, destroy, dispatch, dispose of, do away with, do for, do to death, draw, end, execute, exterminate, finish, finish off, gibbet, hang, immolate, kill, launch into eternity, liquidate, make away with, martyr, martyrize, neck, noose, poison, purge, put away, put down, put to death, put to sleep, remove from life, sacrifice, scrag, slay, starve, stretch, string up, take life, take off
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